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Kaze no Yojimbo

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15th October 2008

aliaswestgate10:08pm: extremely belated reposting of OP and ED song single.
This is your badly procrastinating mod posting a link for a .zip file for the Tokyo single by Escargot. 

1: Tokyo (Opening)
2:  Situation (Ending)
3: Dodai

All songs used on the DVD sets of Kaze no Yojimbo.  There was never any official OST released with the background music used in the tv show. But it was very low key and i have yet to find any merch from it anywhere, especially when it snuck under the radar in 2000.


The community is still wide open for new members to discuss the show in any form, or even drop some fic around. I'm probably the most laid back mod ever but this is also a very small community of fans.  How about some new icons? *grin*  It's all up to you.
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29th September 2005

deathlike8:33pm: Short Fiction Offering

Title: Quarrelling Smokes
Author: Brad C
Characters: Samekichi, Rin and George

Cut For CourtesyCollapse )

23rd June 2005

aliaswestgate12:21am: *knock knock*
Okay. To see if i can't jumpstart this community again. I was wondering. We've had the final discs out for months now.

1:What did everyone think of the ending and how everything finally turned out?
I myself loved it, i find it one of the better endings i've ever seen in a series of any kind. It made sense. *grins*

2:Who are your fave characters, and why?
Kodama George, Rin and Samekichi Shirogane. George simply because of his anti hero aspects, and general interest on why and how he was doing what he was. Likable bastard. The two Shirogane brothers in part becuase of Rin's wildness and sheer unpredictablity. Samekichi because he was in charge, no matter what happened. He did his damndest, no matter the consequences.

3:How was your overall impression of the entire body of work? english actors and japaense seiyuuu included.
I enjoyed how there was no filler in this. Every episode had a clue towards the final revalations in the ending. The japanese voice talent proved themself in a quiet way, and sometimes very loudly. But it was straight out class A dramatic acting from them in my book. Particularly as one that has heard many of them in other more flamboyant roles. I didn't view the english dub, so i can't judge that. But in the end it was hooked into it because everything worked together. A slowly building plot, that was complex and had several aspects to it. And a very tight, incredible ending that didn't leave me wanting.

I'd go into more fangirl flailing, but i'm working on projects in my other communities. ^_^ For now, let's brush off the doorstep and see what's been hiding underneath the dust, shall we? I also plan to repost the main themes by Escargot again in little while (on return of my Broadband) for those who still don't have the full versions of Tokyo, Situation, and Dodai.

We're still open to speculations, fanfic, fanart. Anything you please as long as they meet the rules posted in the userinfo.

Now, the few of you gather here. Have AT it! Reply to this post, or start your own. Either one will get us going.
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25th January 2005

samuraisoldier5:30pm: Just Finished
Wow, I just finished Kaze No Yojimbo, and I must say that I am still in awe.

Though, I must say that I have this weird feeling in my stomach. Whenever I finish something that I have been following for a while (Since the first volume was released stateside), I get this weird feeling of completion of finality. It's like you live the journey with the characters (if the series gets your interest, which in this case Kaze No Yojimbo does).

I know some members saw the ending a while ago, but have any other members of the domestic only fanbase caught the last episodes yet?
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5th November 2004

caithion1:58pm: [fic frag.] Araiguma
Right. Forgot to mention. Which do you all prefer: George or Jouji?

WARNING: A tiny spoiler here, in that I reveal who knows something and a little of what they know. It shouldn't help you solve anything yet, since I don't provide any of the links to the rest of the puzzle. Around episode 20, I think.


George’s sudden obsession with taking long walks was new, but Araiguma took it in stride. It was a good time to talk to his brother. He liked how George gave advice without giving advice.Collapse )
caithion1:53pm: [fic frag.] Miyuki
I've decided to do a series of these character snap-shots to try to get a handle on their voices. But because I'm trying for a divorced quality at the same time they may come off kind of wooden. Tell me what you think?

Beautiful Snow

It would be winter soon and that was her favorite season. She was a snow child, and her mother had named her after the snow.Collapse )

2nd November 2004

caithion10:10am: [fic frag]
This was floating around in my head yesterday. I may incorporate it into a bigger fic set at the end of the series, but I'm waiting for everyone to watch the ending first. When does the last DVD get released in English?

So, yeah. Very random.

Can't You Take a Joke?

The prison psychologist had classified him as suffering from withdrawal.Collapse )
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18th October 2004

samuraisoldier8:11pm: Nekotastic
Nekocon is in a matter of weeks, so the question (though I might have mentioned it maybe?) is: Anyone here going?

I'll be dressed up as George Kodama, and I'd be willing to bet probably the only George Kodama cosplayer there, but that's awesome. So yeah, back to the topic: anyone planning in the Virginia/Maryland area in the U.S. to attend?
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6th October 2004

aliaswestgate3:30am: updatey.
Just a reminder for those of us that are stateside. Street dates for KnY are.

Vol 4: New Battle. October 12th, 2004.
Vol 5: Deadly Feud December 14th, 2004.
According to Amazon.com.

My local anime/manga shop got Vol 4 early, so i'm gonna try to rent and watch that this weekend. How far has everyone else progressed in watching to date? And if you've seen up to ep 13, what do you think? *poke*

If i wasn't so poor i'd have bought all three, already. They are too right..crack IS cheaper than an anime addiction. ^_^;;
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4th September 2004

samuraisoldier12:52pm: Looks like I'll be around here for a while
Hey all. It's good to see a community dedicated to this great show.

I've been watching it as its been released on DVD, and honestly, I'm surprised there isn't a greater following for it, especially when you consider how much of a splash Samurai 7 made.

Actually, I'm currently working on a George Kodama cosplay for the next cons I'm going to (Nekocon and Katsucon in Virginia). Not a hard costume, but it might take a while to find the stuff for the costume...

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22nd August 2004

caithion6:24pm: 0.o
One of my friends oh-so-casually mentioned that he had seen a Kaze no Yojimbo slot machine at the local video store when I was at language school down in Aichi Prefecture last week. I, of course, had to go and check out this strange phenomenon. I was very bad and lost my hundred yen rather quickly.

Current Mood: weird

14th August 2004

aliaswestgate8:29pm: w00t
I'm restraining fangirl squee impulses again! The plot thickens incredibly on the 3rd disc. I'm not doing spoilers in my own community, but gods..the addition of Rin in episode 13 and the clues given by various others as it wound around. This shall be a wait and a half for the next disc and the rest of them after that. *pokes Bandai with a large stick to finish releasing them*

Oh man...caithion are you sure you can't spoilerize us, please? *insert googlie eyed fangirl pleading look*
Current Mood: enthralled

10th August 2004

caithion8:38pm: Whoo hoo!
It's taken me a long time, but I finally found and bought the last DVD. I watched it tonight. The ending is really good! And like a good mystery, it's always the last person you suspected. >.<

I'll work on doing the list of shows and such for George's VA when I get a free minute. Promise!
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4th August 2004

caithion9:47pm: Kaze Info
Okay! On second glance, the page actually had more information about the voice actors than the characters themselves. ^^; So I left out a lot of their information. Otherwise, this is a rough translation of one of the information pages on the Japanese website.

Kaze infoCollapse )
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31st July 2004

caithion6:37pm: Just so the community isn't entirely silent
I'm sure the two of you have seen these before, but some official links:

Bandai's Kaze no Yojimbo page

Studio Pierrot's 旋風の用心棒 page has info on all 25 eps, as well as information on places and people. Would a quick translation of the character stats be interesting?
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14th July 2004

aliaswestgate12:04pm: another welcome--and some tunes
Welcome to the community again, you two.

And since caithion requested having up the single again for the songs from KnY, here they are!

Click here to get them.

I'll leave them up for a day or two. This includes the full length versions of Tokyo and Situation by Escargot--and a little bonus of Dodai, the song you hear on the DVD's setup menu. ^_^

Oh, and spread the word that this place exists. ^_^ I'll see you two later!
Current Mood: silly

13th July 2004

alligator9:23pm: Newness
Hello there, I just recently started watching Kaze no Yojimbo, thought it was great, and stumbled upon this community.
Current Mood: interested

12th July 2004

caithion5:39pm: Hi
Hey! It's a tiny community. Much love for the idea. I'll have to pimp it.

Can I just say I have been looking through every video store in Japan and I haven't found a copy of the series anywhere? I really want to see the ending. *growl* I guess I'll have to give up on the idea of renting it and just spend a fortune on buying it.

ps- Do you still have the Escargo ending song? I have "Tokyo", but I'd love to get a copy of the other. ^.^
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5th June 2004

aliaswestgate12:01am: Ramen...
Whelp..this is the inagural post. I think i need to have some bubbly on hand or something. Or even bourbon. ^_^

I've got all the music by Escargot for those searching frantically for the obscure songs that they are. I have it here.


For now. Welcome all those that find this place! Sit down, don't annoy the O-jii-san very much. He may burn your ramen.
Current Mood: amused
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